Thursday, October 18, 2012


This week we received letters from the group in Hamburg. It was very fascinating to read about them. We are going to work with four boys, named Emre, Albert, Jamil and Julian. They seemed like nice guys, so we really look forward to work with them! They wrote a lot about Hamburg, and how they thought the future would be. They had some interesting facts, that we found motivating.
Christine, Amalie and Amalie focused on the localization of the businesses we are going to visit. We also got a lecture about politics, and worked with political questions afterwards. Louise wrote about the current, the past and the future politics in Bergen. She also wrote the log. At the end we discussed together how we can make Bergen a more green place to live.

Today we continued with the tasks we did on Wednesday. Amalie J is writing a rapport that shows how far we have come with our project. Louise is still writing about politics, and Christine and Amalie V have been working on the blog. We also contacted the businesses we are going to visit.    

XOXO Green Angels <3

"You must be the change you want to see in the world" 
- Mahatma Gandhi 


Our fruitful and productive day!

Hey you sweet green friends! Today we've been working on how to define answers to our many questions. The inventive solutions we merge into our task, has essentially enlarged our initial competence in how the organization trade function by now! It is remarkable how many factors that affect the potential outcomes. Today we have focused on transport prospects, tourism, Bergen past and future perspectives, conference venues, the power point presentation and blog updates. Next time we are preparing for interviews with NHH, Hotel Terminus and an enterprise in kokstad area. Just wait for the marvelous product we will put together.

XOXO green angels <3

What we do to preserve the environment?

1. Travel with collective transport instead of using the car, that is much more environmentally friendly.

2. Turn of the lights every single time we leave a room.

3. Turn of the water running while brushing our teeth

4. Collate the glass, plastic and the residual waste into reconciling

5. Two of us have heat pumps, and that pollutes much less than the normal heating standards.

Five daily things we do to preserve the environment!
pictures are taken from google
xoxo green angels ♥

Our issue: Localization of Trade

Localization of trade: How do the trade contribute to a green regional development? Where do we find operational places, companies and bureas? With the waterfront, or along the rail etc..? Which projects and measures do we find in Bergen and Hamburg?
This is our exceptional and dedcated task that we are given, and we are going to fullfil the terms surrounding our assignment, in addition to refine our work.

xoxo green angels ♥

Fun facts about us!

Christine is the liveliest gir!l She is smart, and with an enormous shine that radiates joy. Her positive attitude rubs everyone, and she is really, really nice and heart warming! Christine lived in Fusa thru her childhood, a small native land deep in Norwegian nature, almost without houses and civalization. The harmoni surrounding the envionment in Fusa is fresh and free- living, compared to how the decreased nature in the cities must fight to grow and develop. Christine is interested in pilates, and she used to play fotball! 

Amalie J`s adorable laughter you can hear from infinite miles away, and she laughs continously throughout the day. Her smile beams of happiness, and she has an amazingly sweet personality! Open for everyone. At her sweet 16 on august 24th she consisted the moped license, and two weeks later she managed to slip while driving in the rain. Smart girl. But, she always arise, as the hero she is, and doesn`t use her excuses! Amalie is also an incredibly talented football player, playing with the best team in Bergen.

Amalie V is extremely charming and sweet, inside out, constantly smiling! Her kindness fills our hearts, and the great feed-back she gives, can motivate anyone into their rightful outcomes. Amalie is kinda like a lovely rabbit, not munching on carrots, but all kinds of sport crisps! She needs the nutrition because she is an extraordinary football player, playing on the same team as Amalie J! She lives on the edge of Bergen, and by taking the collective tain transport to school every day, she pollutes much less then if driving.

Louise is a real citygirl because she is the only one in the group who lives in the city. It is not hard to see or notice, due to her nice bergen axcent and her nice clothes. She is extremely smart and good with adjectives. She looks healty, but she can`t live without her daily chocolate and coffee. She is also very funny and is constantly making fun of us farmergirls. Louise is a clever schoolgirl, but she`s always coming late for class! So if she`s not there in the beginning of the day, you know she`ll be there any time soon.

XOXO green angels ♥