Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our week with the germans in Bergen!

Our week with the Germans in Bergen

We were all looking forward to these 10 days after out arrival from Hamburg in April earlier this year. We were excited about meeting out German friends again and continuing our work with the green living project after about 4 month.

Monday 9th of September the Germans arrived in Bergen. We started with a big lunch for everyone at the Grand Hotel Terminus, where we talked and met the Germans we were to host for the next 10 days.
The next day we went on excursions with our groups. Our group started at the Grand Hotel Terminus where the chief of the hotel were, Kjetil Smørås was talking. Next we went to Amalie Skram, the Media City and the Bergen Times. In the evening we arranged a small party with the teachers, which was a nice gathering for everyone!

On Wednesday we continued on our excursions and went to Kokstad where we visited Statoil. We also went to Nesttunvannet Terrace and took the Bergen light rail to Kronstad where we looked at the area where the new Bergen University College is being constructed.

On Thursday we started off with a lesson where we listened to the German`s presentations about the political parties in Germany. After that the German class went on a trip to Ulriken where they were to sleep over in Turnerhytten till Friday. The Norwegian class had normal lessons the rest of the day.
The next day we had another normal day of school until 2 a clock when the German class arrived back at BHG after their trip.  On the evening some of us went to the movies and later we gathered for a social event. We had many fun and social events over the weekend.

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of September the Norwegians had normal classes while the German class went to museums. After school at Tuesday we all went to Peppes Pizza to eat. It is a great ending to a fun and interesting week. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

06.04 Hafen City

Hafen city is a totally new district filled with new buildings and architecture, located in Downtown Hamburg. We went to Hafen City to explore and experience its green values, because it is a tourist attraction known to be environmentally friendly in its function.

Hafen city wants to create a place where you can both live and work. In theory, a place you never have to leave. Constructing the buildings in the right location, with the right mix of uses, and the right concept is therefore vital for a forward-looking project like Hafen. The buildings are top modern with outstanding facades, filled with: flats, offices, recreation offers, kindergartens, and other essential businesses. The facilities consist of long lasting materials, and are intended for every social class. The buildings are constructed to use few resources during their lifespan, and are energy efficient. This is what makes buildings sustainable, and makes a major contribution dealing with climate change. They have isolated walls and windshields, so that they don’t need much heating. In addition, they use non- fossil energy sources such as geothermal heat, and modern thermal supply systems relying substantially on renewable energy sources.

Some pictures of apartments and buildings in Hafen City

xoxo green angels

17.04 City North

Wednesday 17 of April we went on an expedition in Hamburg. The first place we visited was City North.

City North is an area with many environmentally friendly buildings. There are 300 different companies placed there and approximately 30 000 employed. Among the companies placed there are Tschibo, Hanse net, Deutche Post, Edeka, Signal Iduna, RWE Dea, Siemens, AG, Vattenfall Europe, Allianz Immobilien etc. The reason why so many companies are settled in City North is because it was not enough space in the city center. They started the building in 1957. At that time there where not many building demands but it was important for the companies that the buildings contributed to a green living. That is why they had kindergartens there, where the employers’ children could go. The buildings in City North are 45 000 less energy driving. For that reason City North has become a popular place for a company to settle. The streets in City North are named after international cities.

 A picture of us in City North. 

xoxo green angels

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hi guys!

Today we finally got to talk to our group in Hamburg on Skype. It was very interresting to get to know what they were working with and how they worked. We are getting more and more excited about the trip to Hamburg for every day! We got a very good impression of the city from what they told us, and it seem as Hamburg is a very green and clean city!

We look forward to keep in touch with them and to develop our project! :-)

xoxo Green Angels <3 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our visit at BIR

On Tuesday we went to BIR with our class. BIR is responsible for all the trash that is produced in Bergen and eight other communities. It is a cooperation between the communities, and every community owns a part of BIR. At first we learnt the history of BIR and how they handle the trash they collect. Afterwards we got a tour in the building were we looked at the machines and the process the trash goes through. The energy that comes from burning the trash is used to heat up big buildings, like the hospital. How they treat trash has changed a lot the past 30 years and the methods they use today are eco and very kind to the environment, unlike it was not long ago.

Us girls in Green Angels found this very interresting! :-)

Here you can see the building. As you may notice, the smoke is very clear because of the cold temperature, it is not as dramatic as it looks!

XOXO Green Angels