Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today 06.11.12

hi blogreaders!

Today we recieved our main tasks, and we have divided them into us four group members. Amalie V was given the task "Competence", which is about how to make Bergen a leading region within education and science. Louise is going to investigate future perspectives for Bergen culture, experiences and tourism and how this task can provide and carry green values. Christine was given the task about how to make Bergen a central mediacity and how they are planning to keep one of the largest television channels in funcion, and enlarge it in Bergen. The task also includes how to get great artists to perform in the scenes in Bergen. Last, but not least, Amalie J is investigating energi industries such as oil, gas, and renewable energi sources and merge them with business enterprises. This is essential to our green living problem statement, namely; Localization of trade!

Have a nice day sweeties! Looking forward to se you soon <3

This is our wonderful Pier in Bergen

xoxo greenangels