Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our visit at BIR

On Tuesday we went to BIR with our class. BIR is responsible for all the trash that is produced in Bergen and eight other communities. It is a cooperation between the communities, and every community owns a part of BIR. At first we learnt the history of BIR and how they handle the trash they collect. Afterwards we got a tour in the building were we looked at the machines and the process the trash goes through. The energy that comes from burning the trash is used to heat up big buildings, like the hospital. How they treat trash has changed a lot the past 30 years and the methods they use today are eco and very kind to the environment, unlike it was not long ago.

Us girls in Green Angels found this very interresting! :-)

Here you can see the building. As you may notice, the smoke is very clear because of the cold temperature, it is not as dramatic as it looks!

XOXO Green Angels


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