Tuesday, May 7, 2013

06.04 Hafen City

Hafen city is a totally new district filled with new buildings and architecture, located in Downtown Hamburg. We went to Hafen City to explore and experience its green values, because it is a tourist attraction known to be environmentally friendly in its function.

Hafen city wants to create a place where you can both live and work. In theory, a place you never have to leave. Constructing the buildings in the right location, with the right mix of uses, and the right concept is therefore vital for a forward-looking project like Hafen. The buildings are top modern with outstanding facades, filled with: flats, offices, recreation offers, kindergartens, and other essential businesses. The facilities consist of long lasting materials, and are intended for every social class. The buildings are constructed to use few resources during their lifespan, and are energy efficient. This is what makes buildings sustainable, and makes a major contribution dealing with climate change. They have isolated walls and windshields, so that they don’t need much heating. In addition, they use non- fossil energy sources such as geothermal heat, and modern thermal supply systems relying substantially on renewable energy sources.

Some pictures of apartments and buildings in Hafen City

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