Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our week with the germans in Bergen!

Our week with the Germans in Bergen

We were all looking forward to these 10 days after out arrival from Hamburg in April earlier this year. We were excited about meeting out German friends again and continuing our work with the green living project after about 4 month.

Monday 9th of September the Germans arrived in Bergen. We started with a big lunch for everyone at the Grand Hotel Terminus, where we talked and met the Germans we were to host for the next 10 days.
The next day we went on excursions with our groups. Our group started at the Grand Hotel Terminus where the chief of the hotel were, Kjetil Smørås was talking. Next we went to Amalie Skram, the Media City and the Bergen Times. In the evening we arranged a small party with the teachers, which was a nice gathering for everyone!

On Wednesday we continued on our excursions and went to Kokstad where we visited Statoil. We also went to Nesttunvannet Terrace and took the Bergen light rail to Kronstad where we looked at the area where the new Bergen University College is being constructed.

On Thursday we started off with a lesson where we listened to the German`s presentations about the political parties in Germany. After that the German class went on a trip to Ulriken where they were to sleep over in Turnerhytten till Friday. The Norwegian class had normal lessons the rest of the day.
The next day we had another normal day of school until 2 a clock when the German class arrived back at BHG after their trip.  On the evening some of us went to the movies and later we gathered for a social event. We had many fun and social events over the weekend.

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of September the Norwegians had normal classes while the German class went to museums. After school at Tuesday we all went to Peppes Pizza to eat. It is a great ending to a fun and interesting week. 

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